Windows 11 KB5022905 Supports Auto-learning Facial Recognition

Feb 2023 Preview update for Windows 11 version 21h2, KB5022905, is now available for all users. With this monthly patch, Microsoft has brought some new features along with fixes to old issues and error codes.

As usual, you can either get this update via Windows Update or manually search for it in the Microsoft update catalog. We suggest going for the second method, as this way, you can upgrade your device to OS Build 22000.1641 very quickly.


Windows 11 KB5022836 22H2 Security Update

Download Windows 11 KB5022905

Before you proceed ahead and download/install this patch update, make sure to go through its changelog and the known issues that may occur post-installation. Here’s a direct link to download this preview update KB5022905 on your device.

Make sure to download the update matching your system architecture. After the download completes, all you require is to double-click on the downloaded .msu file, and the installation will soon begin.

KB5022905 Changelog

Here are the salient features of this non-security patch update –

  • This update brings an advanced auto-learning feature for facial recognition.
  • Resolves a known issue that affects the Clor filter setting. Post this, you may change the display to Inverted, and the system won’t change it to Grayscale instead.
  • Works and resolves a key issue affecting the IE mode on Windows. Upon encountering this issue, you weren’t able to view the text written on the Status bar.
  • After installing this cumulative update, you will not face trouble adding any hyperlinks inside Microsoft Excel.
  • Addresses a key issue that affects a certain streaming app. Prior to this update, whenever an advertisement comes in, this pauses the video playback from running.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This non-security update brings some quality fixes and improvements as well. A list of such improvements is provided below –

  • Resolves an issue affecting parity virtual disks.
  • In the event of setting the MDMWinsOverGPFlag in a Microsoft Intune tenant and Intune detects a policy conflict, this update will remove the conflicting policies for Microsoft Edge. As a result of this, you won’t face any issues.
  • Resolves an issue that affects the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) from responding. This occurs after you run Sysprep on a domain-joined machine.
  • After installing this update, the United Mexican States daylight saving time will change the order for 2023.
  • Works on an issue that affects the Z-order of two maximized windows. This will prevent a window from appearing on top of another window.
  • Previously, when you remove a user profile, the cleanup is incomplete. Because of this, its database grows as time passes. This growth might cause delays when users sign in to multi-user environments like FSLogix. This update fixes this issue with the Appx State Repository as well.

How to get this Update

If you have allowed Windows Update to download and install on its own, you will see a prompt stating to restart your PC. This simply means that the latest updates have already been installed, and you must reboot your device so that the recent changes become effective from the next login.

In case you have disabled updates from downloading or installing on their own or haven’t seen this update when checking for it manually, download its standalone package from Microsoft Update Catalog.

Known Issues with this preview update

As per Microsoft, they are not aware of any known issues with this update. We are currently looking into this update, and if we find some issues with this update, we will notify you in a few days.

Release Note

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