Windows 11 KB5020044 Update Now Available with New Features

November 2022 Non-security update KB5020044 is now available for Windows 11, version 22h2 users. With this new update, Microsoft resolves several issues appearing on its earlier Build with a few new features to OneDrive, Windows Spotlight, and OneDrive Subscription.

This is an optional update, so you may skip downloading and installing this cumulative update on your PC. Go through the list of known issues outlined in this post, and decide whether you want to upgrade to this OS version or not.

Windows 11 KB5020044

Windows 11 KB5020044 Changelog

Here are the key changes that came along with this non-security update KB5020044 for Windows 11 22h2 users.

New Features

  • OneDrive: Users will now receive storage alerts right on the System page under Settings. The alert becomes active only when you are close to utilizing the allotted storage space. You may even manage or go for additional storage spaces right from here.
  • OneDrive Subscriptions: You may now see the occupied and free storage spaces of your purchased subscription by visiting Settings > Accounts.
  • Windows Spotlight: Microsoft has merged both Windows Spotlight and Themes together inside Personalization. This makes it easier to manage whatever you decide to put on your display screen.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): Windows 11 users now receive a new MDM policy for organizational messages. With this, your company has the option to enroll tenant devices so that they receive custom messages from you.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue that affects some modern applications and restricts them from starting.
  • Works and resolves an issue that affects the Input Method Editor (IME). The problem was known to restrict some applications from responding. This happens only when you use the keyboard shortcuts to change the input mode of the IME.
  • Earlier, when you close the context menu or other menu items, the File Explorer stopped working. Microsoft has resolved this problem as well.
  • Addresses a known issue that prevents applications from opening. This occurs when users use the Open File dialog.
  • Resolves the suspension of daylight saving time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji for this year.

Known Issues on this Build update

After installing the KB5020044 update, you might encounter one or a combination of the following issues on your device.

  • If you use provisioning packages on Windows 11, version 22H2, this might not work as expected. Proceeding this way, Windows will be configured partially, and the Out Of Box Experience might not finish or might restart unexpectedly.

Note: Provisioning packages are basically .PPKG files which one may use to configure new devices for use on business or school networks.

Fix: Microsoft is currently investigating this issue and might provide a fix to this in an upcoming release.

  • Copying a file of size around 1 or more GB might take longer time than expected to finish on Windows 11, version 22H2. This is currently happening when you are copying files from a network share via Server Message Block (SMB). However, some users reported encountering this issue when copying local files as well.

Fix: One may resolve this issue by using file copying tools that do not use cache manager (buffered I/O). You may also use the built-in command-line tools enlisted below –

robocopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder somefile.img /J

xcopy \\someserver\someshare c:\somefolder /J

  • KB5020044 update might cause the Task manager to display certain elements in unexpected colors. In worst-case scenarios, some parts of the task manager UI might even become unreadable. As per Microsoft, this happens for the users who have custom-changed the “Choose your mode” under Personalization > Colors.

Fix: Change the color mode to either dark or light, and this problem resolves on its own.

  • The applications that use ODBC connections through Microsoft ODBC SQL Server Driver (sqlsrv32.dll) to access databases might not connect after installing this patch update. As per Microsoft, you may even receive an error right on the application UI, or an error from the SQL Server.

Fix: As of now, no solution is available for this problem. However, the tech team is investigating this problem and might provide a resolution in the near future.

How to Get this Update

As usual, this update is available by searching for it under Settings > Windows Update. In case you haven’t yet received a prompt about it, visit Microsoft Update Catalog, and search for it. Pick the update matching your system architecture, and hit the Download button.

Click the top link and browse to a location where you would like to save this standalone package. As soon as the download completes, double-click on the setup file, and your device starts upgrading to OS Build 22621.900.

Release Note

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