Windows 11 22H2 is now available for all Users

As of today, 20th Sept 2022, Windows 11 22h2 is made available for all its users and it installs as OS Build 22621.382. This is a free upgrade by Microsoft and one can easily download/install or simply upgrade to this version via Windows Update.

Installing this new operating system will improve the overall security of your device, with minor improvements to productivity, and user experience. Microsoft finally adds tabs-supported File Explorer on this version with two new accessibility features – Live Captions and Voice Access.

Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 22H2 System Requirements

There are certain system requirements that your device must meet. More or less, these restrictions are similar to that of the original release. So, if you are on Windows 11, your device is compatible to install Windows 11 version 22H2.

However, if you had bypassed certain things to install Windows 11 in the first place, we suggest checking your device eligibility once again. For Windows 11 22H2, the minimum system requirements are as follows –

  • A minimum of 4 GB RAM.
  • ROM must be around 64 GB or more.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0.
  • Enabled Secure Boot in BIOS.

Windows 10 users may install Microsoft PC Health Check App and check if their device is eligible for this upgrade. Since Microsoft releases new feature updates in batches, it could take some time to finally be available for your device. Till then, either wait, or if your device is compatible, install Windows 11 22H2 using its official ISO file.

What’s new on Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 22h2 is no different when you compare it with its original release leaving aside a few improvements, features, and bug fixes. This new version supports a new Snap layouts flyout which appears at the top of the screen. There’s a new layout for the Run dialog, and some visual changes made to Quick Settings, Notification Center, and Print Queue.

As stated earlier, the new version now supports opening multiple tabs on File Explorer, it is also adding features that will make the desktop experience more consistent. Start Menu now supports manually adding folders and other options to it.

How to upgrade your system to Windows 11 22H2

Upgrading to Windows 11 22H2 is quite easy if you are using the Windows 11 Original release. All you require is to open Settings and reach out to the Windows Update section. Click Check for updates and you will see an option to upgrade to this new version.

  • In case you didn’t see Windows 11 22H2 inside the Windows update, it could be that your device hardware doesn’t support the new operating system. Since Microsoft releases new updates in batches, there is a possibility that your device has not yet been granted installing the new OS Build. If that’s the case, you may install Windows 11 22H2 by installing the Installation Assistant first. Or, you may perform an in-place upgrade using the official ISO file.

Contrary to what we used to do while installing a new feature update on Windows 10, this time, users must process the new operating system installation. This is applicable for Windows 11 Original release as well. However, while upgrading your device, you may choose to keep your files, settings, and installed apps.

  • Though nothing really happens to the existing files and settings while performing a Windows upgrade, we suggest backing up your important files and folders. As you never know, which day goes against you and you lose all your personal data and important files and folders.

Going for a clean installation will definitely get rid of all your files, folders, settings, and installed apps. If you are coming from a previously activated Windows, Windows 11 22H2 will activate itself using the Digital License linked to your Microsoft account.

Should I install Windows 11 version on unsupported devices?

Now that a new version of Windows 11 is available, you must feel trying out this new version. Well, go to Settings (Win + I), and check if this new version is supported on your computer or not. Alternatively, you may also install PC Health Check App and check if your device is compatible with the new operating system.

In case it isn’t, you should avoid upgrading your device to this new version of Windows 11. This is because, you will be missing driver support, new app installation(s), or new updates from Microsoft. Additionally, your device will be more prone to crashes, Blue-screen errors, and whatnot.

What’s new for Windows 11 insider?

If you are already using the dev version of Windows 11, your device must have been upgraded to its Release preview channel. Since the final release is similar to that of the Release Preview, you may skip upgrading to this version.

However, if you don’t want to continue using the dev channel, you may unenroll your device for the upcoming dev projects. The next dev version will lay out the roadmap for upcoming versions of Windows 11. So, that could be highly unstable. Go to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider program, and unenroll your device. Doing so will remove your device from getting insider updates, and you can thoroughly enjoy the new operating system. If you wish, you may clean install Windows 11 22h2 on your computer as well.

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