Windows 11 2022 Known Issues and Problems

The stable version of Windows 11 22H2 is now available for all users. As we all know how susceptible an early release of the Windows version is, one must look out for the problems that they might face after upgrading to the new version. In this post, we will discuss the known issues with Windows 11 2022 that we have come to know so far.

Only when you find these bugs not affecting your daily routine in any way, consider upgrading to Windows 11, version 22H2. As per sources, Microsoft is going to fix the early issues and problems on it with the help of a cumulative update. The same will come by 11th Oct 2022 and will be available on Microsoft Update Catalog as well.

Known Issues and Problems with Windows 11 version 2022

Five known Issues on Windows 11 2022

Microsoft loves bringing new features and improvements to its operating system. However, the good things always come at the cost of receiving bad things. When you upgrade your device to Windows 11 2022, you get a new Task Manager, more advanced options available inside the Settings app, and a complete overhaul of Windows Explorer.

There are numerous other things that we have discussed here, but all these features may seem dim when you start encountering problems like these –

1] Compatibility Issues

When an operating system upgrades, it is supposed of manufacturers to upgrade their applications as well. Though many apps are already tested and running perfectly fine, you may face compatibility issues with Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers.

If you are on AMD-supported devices, you need not worry about the same. However, if your device houses an affected Intel SST driver, your device may crash on different error codes. One common example is getting a Blue Screen error.

2] Issues copying files/shortcuts using Group Policy

Several users face difficulty copying files and folders from their Client devices. This occurs primarily when they use the Group Policy Preferences to copy files. Even in cases where they succeed to copy a file, the pasted file has no size i.e. they get a zero-byte file.

If you have already switched to Windows 11, version 22H2, and are facing this issue, you may apply this workaround. To overcome this bug on your Windows PC, you may do One of the following –

  • ​Uncheck the “Run in logged-on user’s security context (user policy option)”. Doing this might not mitigate the issue for items using a wildcard (*).

  • ​Within the affected Group Policy, change “Action” from “Replace” to “Update”.

  • ​If a wildcard (*) is used in the location or destination, deleting the trailing “\” (backslash, without quotes) from the destination might allow the copy to be successful.

After you apply either of the above fixes, restart your PC and check if you can now copy data from your Client’s devices. The developers at Microsoft are still working on a resolution to this problem. As per them, users will receive a permanent fix as soon as they find one.

3] Error 0x800f0922

An update error code 0x800f0922 may occur when you try to download and install the cumulative update KB5012170. This update is basically an optional patch that does the transition from Windows 11 21H2 to Windows 11, version 22h2.

In case this error is preventing you from installing the new operating system on your PC, attempt the fixes mentioned in this post.

4] Microsoft Office apps may crash opening

If you do use Microsoft Office version 2016 or version 2019, you may face problems opening Microsoft Word, Excel, or any other supported apps on it. Even in cases where you do open MS Office, the opened app crashes unexpectedly.

5] Secure Boot DBX Issue

Microsoft has made improvements to Secure Boot DBX with a security update KB5012170, dated 9th Aug 2022. Since the Secure Boot Forbidden Signature Database (DBX) prevents UEFI modules from loading, this update adds modules to the DBX. The added modules enabled Windows devices (having UEFI-based firmware) to always run with Secure Boot.

The tech giant confirmed finding a security feature bypass vulnerability inside the Secure Boot. An attacker who exploits this vulnerability might bypass secure boot and load untrusted software. That’s the reason why they brought this security update “KB5012170” and fixed this vulnerability.

Though the update to Secure Boot DBX is still there, users might fail to upgrade their devices to Windows 11 2022. As per Microsoft, they are currently looking into this problem and might bring a fix to this in an upcoming release.

Should I wait or install Windows 11 22H2 on my PC?

As stated above, there are many issues that you may encounter after you make the switch to Windows 11 2022. However, if you are facing problems upgrading to this version, you may consider clean installing it on your PC. This way, you might encounter very few or no issues or problems on your computer.

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