WhatsApp now works standalone on Windows PC

Meta released a new version of WhatsApp for its Windows users. This new version supports a feature that no longer requires keeping your smartphone and Windows PC linked to each other. So, from now on, you don’t require a mobile to install WhatsApp on it and later link it to a Windows PC using the QR code.

This is a clear advancement from WhatsApp web to WhatsApp desktop app, and now to a standalone WhatsApp for desktop users. The clear advantage of this feature is that you don’t need your smartphone to be online to receive new messages on your desktop client of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp works standalone on Windows PC

With no linkage to WhatsApp over a smartphone, the desktop client can run independently and judiciously used. The developers have even streamlined its new interface to look more clean and fast.

Windows users can get the new version of WhatsApp by visiting Microsoft Store, and searching for it in the Search bar. As the new version is being rolled out in stages, it is quite possible that you didn’t see this new version. Well, wait for a little longer and you will have your hand over this new version.

WhatsApp now works standalone on Windows 11/10

There was a time when you need to visit the web version of WhatsApp on your default browser and log into your account using the QR code. The signed-in account closes the moment you end your session on the browser. Logging back into the same portal again requires a new sign-in. It was essential because of security reasons.

Then comes the era of the WhatsApp desktop Client, in which you can download a separate app for Windows. However, you still need to log into your account using the same QR code. The best thing about this app is that you can run it independently of the app running on the smartphone. Even if your phone is offline, you can receive new messages, chat with your friends and perform other possible things on WhatsApp.

One thing which lacks on WhatsApp Web is also now available on its desktop client and that thing is performing a Video Call over it. Now, the possibility of not connecting your smartphone to the PC seems improving this Windows App to a great extent. You need not require looking at your smartphone every 5-10 minutes to check for notifications or new messages.

Windows users can keep their smartphones away and focus on their work without worrying about new messages. As its desktop client is more powerful, clean, and smooth, you may work on it directly from the desktop environment.

Note: Meta is currently working to bring the desktop client of WhatsApp to Mac as well and we hope for this to happen in near future. If you are one Mac user, you may get your hands on its beta version and try the new features.

Security Concerns on this new version of WhatsApp

Though this is a good initiative by Meta, there indeed lies some security concerns associated with this app. Running independently, WhatsApp Desktop Client now doesn’t require any permission and can go on running indefinitely. This is a concern for those users who leave their personal computers password-free.

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