iPhone 14 and 14 Plus New Features and Changes

Apple introduces iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus at its big event on 7th Sept 2022. With several new features, it is looking quite catchy among users. The new features that Apple boasts are – improved battery life, camera improvements, and crash detection. Well, let’s see what other new features came along with iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. 

iPhone 14 New Features

When iPhone 14 will be available to all users?

Apple reveals iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 8, Watch ultra, Watch SE, and AirPods Pro 2nd generation at its big event day. Certainly, this is a big day for apple products lovers. All these products will be available for preorder over the upcoming 1-2 weeks. Few of them get their hands on these devices by Sept 16.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus New Features

Here’s a quick overview of the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus along with the new features available on them. First, we see the pros and cons of having an iPhone 14 features-wise. 

The Good Ones

  • The iPhone 14 features a 6.1-inch OLED display whereas the iPhone 14 Plus bags 6.7 inches screen. As speculated, the iPhone mini is now officially discontinued.
  • Users may get the iPhone 14 at $799, and the iPhone Plus at $899.
  • The new iPhone is available in five colors and they are midnight, starlight, blue, purple, and product red.
  • As per Apple, there is a boost in battery life.
  • Users may now use SOS via satellite functionality when they’re out of cellular range. This new feature will be available in around November this year and will be free for two years.
  • There is no change in the processor which means you will get the same A15 Bionic chip from iPhone 13 here as well. However, with this, you will receive a 5-core GPU and thus making your device 18% faster.
  • The main camera on iPhone 14 i.e. 12 MP now has a bigger sensor (around 1.9 microns) and works better in low-light conditions.
  • Similarly, there is improvement in the front camera as well. The new camera works faster with its f/1.9 and supports autofocus for the first time on Apple phones. As per developers, this even works better in low-light conditions.
  • There is a big improvement to Video taking on iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. This includes advanced stabilization mode, and smooth video taking with no need for Gimbal.
  • Images taken on iPhone now delivers low-light photos with 2x improvements in the front camera, 2x on ultra-wide, and 2.5 on the main camera. In short, you will get much better detail and color.

The Bad Ones

  • iPhone 14 and 14 Plus now supports only eSIM. So, there won’t be any SIM card tray in the phone.
  • The crash detection offered on iPhone 14 works similarly to that of the new Apple watch 8.
  • iPhone 14 overall look resembles the same iPhone 13’s design. You will find the camera module in the same diagonal layout, as it appeared before on iPhone 13. Though, this is not a bad thing, if you were looking for some changes in the camera module, this will disappoint you. Front side, the camera notch is now a bit slimmer.

Most Talked About Improvements on iPhone 14

Though the iOS 16 stable version is out and iPhone 14 comes embedded with this operating system, Apple suggests a few changes that are likely to come in upcoming releases. As of now, they have confirmed improving iPhone’s thermal performance. With improved thermal performance, users can push the phone for longer during playing games on it. 

One big update with iPhone 14 is that of using SOS with Satellite. Earlier, when you come across an area where there is weak cellular activity, you can’t call someone or do the online-surfing. Well, with Emergency SOS with Satellite, Apple now supports connecting to your loved ones even when the cellular signal is not available. This might prove to be a great feature, especially for those, who frequently travel to rural or mountain areas. As per Apple, users will receive two years of free Emergency SOS on their new devices. 

Another important feature that Apple focuses on during the Live Event is Crash Detection. Well, this feature is quite helpful as it informs your emergency contacts when you’ve been in a car crash. 

What’s new on iPhone 14 Display

Apple announces two screen sizes this year and they are –

  • 6.1-inch iPhone 14
  • 6.7-inch iPhone Plus

Both these phones feature Apple’s Super Retina XDR OLED display with a peak HDR brightness of 1200 nits. Again, they also feature Ceramic Shield on the front glass for added durability.

Note: If you were a fan of the iPhone mini, this year is not for you. And if rumors are believed, there isn’t going to be any launch for the mini-series of iPhones in recent years.

What’s new in iPhone Camera?

There have been slightly better improvements made to the iPhone’s Camera. For example, the main camera sensor is now a bit larger with bigger pixels (1.9 microns). In addition to this, it also comes loaded with a faster f/1.5 aperture and sensor-shift image stabilization. As per official data, they claimed improvements in clicking photos in low light by 49%.

As there isn’t any new information on the ultrawide camera available on iPhone 14 Pro, you may think of it as providing similar features to the iPhone 13. Coming to front cameras on iPhone 14, this also received an f/1.9 aperture with a hybrid focusing system thanks to TrueDepth and autofocus.

With advanced stabilization now available for videos in iPhone 14, users may drop using the gimbal. 

Are there any improvements made to Battery?

According to experts, the iPhone 14 battery should run a bit more when compared to iPhone 13 owing to having a higher-end A15 Bionic processor. This means that your iPhone is still running on the same 6-core CPU and 16-core neural engine. Apple did add a 5-core GPU on iPhone that boosts your gaming performance. 

The thing is battery life was already quite good on iPhone 13. So, you need not worry about that. However, claiming iPhone 14 has the best battery life till now is a bold claim. Wait for it as this will get cleared off only when iPhone 14 becomes available. 

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