Google Announces AI Chatbot BARD, a rival to ChatGPT

Google recently announces working on an AI chatbot BARD, in response to Bing bringing ChatGPT to its interface. This new tool by Google Search is based on Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and is currently under testing for different search queries.

As developers are currently working on this tool, it’s difficult to say when it would be available for the general public. For beta testers, it might be available, however, it has not yet been confirmed.

Google AI Chatbot BARD

What’s going on with Google’s Search AI BARD?

As per Google’s CEO, Sunder Pichai, they are currently working on an experimental conversational AI service and this will come under BARD. This is powered by LaMDA and is expected to come in the coming weeks. With Bing ChatGPT coming this week, this will be interesting to see what new features are going to come with Google’s BARD.

Microsoft Bing’s ChatGPT has introduced a chat option on its search interface which gives a fair idea of what to ask. You may know about the same by visiting, (currently not working). Unlike ChatGPT, Google’s Bard will give results based on the current news and recent developments across the globe.

This will work very alike to how it works currently, except combining the world’s knowledge of recent developments and news. As a result of this, it might provide information quite fresh, and with high-quality responses.

What does Pichai’s latest announcement say?

As per Pichai, Google’s Bard is now available for trusted testers and soon will be available for the general public. Google has been known to be working in the field of AI for the past few years. They had first introduced, BERT, one of their first Transformer models, which was revolutionary in understanding the intricacies of human language.

Again, back in 2021, they introduces, MUM, which was 1,000 times more powerful than BERT and has a next-level and multi-lingual understanding of information. MUM was able to pick out key moments in videos and provide critical information, including crisis support, in more languages.

Moving a step forward, they are finally going to introduce Bard to the common users. As per Google’s CEO, they are going to work in the field of AI very responsible way, partnering with Governments and external organizations to develop new standards and work on best practices. They will even work with communities and experts to make AI safe and useful.

Google AI Updates: A message from Sunder Pichai

What’s the future of AI Chatbots?

Google is most likely to introduce BARD on its search engine, very similar to what Microsoft Bing is trying to do. Users may search for queries inside the Bard Chatbot and get a search-tailored experience. They may query for the best places to visit, plan upcoming trips, get a fair idea of their expenses, compare movies, and whatnot.

However, the real problem with such chatbots is that you can’t rely on them for sure. This is because AI is still in its initial phase and has to walk a long road ahead. With saying so, wait for Bard to come and analyze yourself which one is better – Google AI Chatbot Bard or Microsoft Bing ChatGPT.

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