Download Colorful Bloom Wallpaper on your Surface Laptop 5

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 releases on 25 Oct this year. We all love trying out new wallpapers on our newer devices so that the display looks very pleasing to watch. The default wallpapers on Windows 11 are pretty good to go for. However, with time, they have also lost their charm. If you are willing to change your wallpaper, learn how to download and install Colorful Bloom Wallpapers on your Surface laptop 5.

These wallpapers are very alike to the original Bloom background wallpapers in Windows 11. However, with these, you will have blooming wallpapers in completely new colors and premium materialistic designs. The options available to you are as follows – Sandstone, Sage, Platinum, and Graphite.

Download Colorful Bloom Wallpaper

Get the new Set of wallpapers for your Surface Laptop 5

Having these wallpapers on your Surface laptop 5 is quite easy. All you require is to visit this webpage and look out for your device’s resolution. After you have found the wallpaper that you would like to have on your PC, click the download button available just below that.

The Colorful Bloom wallpapers are available in the following resolutions –

  • 3240*2160 (Ratio 3:2) – Surface Book 2
  • 2880*1920 (Ratio 3:2) – Surface Pro X
  • 2736*1824 (Ratio 3:2) – Surface Pro 7
  • 2496*1664 (Ratio 3:2) -Surface laptop 3 15
  • 2256*1504 (Ratio 3:2) – Surface laptop 3 13
  • 1800*1200 (Ratio 3:2) – Surface Go

How do I change the Color Scheme on my Surface Laptop?

After you download and apply a colorful bloom wallpaper on your computer, make sure to change the color scheme on your computer as well. By default, this happens on its own unless you have restricted the same. Here’s how to do this –

  • Press Win + I to launch Settings.
  • Go to Personalization > Colors next, and make the relevant changes.

How to download this Colorful Bloom wallpaper on generic devices

When you visit this webpage, you will also see links to download this blooming wallpaper on generic devices as well. This includes Ultrawide, 1080p (1920*1080), and smaller dimensions wallpapers for moiles as well.

Click the Download button available just below a specified dimension and browse to a folder where you would like to save this wallpaper. Click on the Save button and the chosen wallpaper downloads on your device. Right-click on this picture and choose “Set as desktop background“.

If you have downloaded this wallpaper for your smartphone, follow the regular steps to set it as your default home or lock screen wallpaper.

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