Microsoft releases Bing AI with ChatGPT on Mobile, Skype

Some time back, Microsoft introduced the new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge for all its users. As per the reports, they have already welcomed more than one million people from 169 countries off the waitlist to access this new tool. The company has now announced releasing Bing AI with ChatGpt to mobile devices. This includes both Android as well as iOS. Moreover, they have confirmed bringing the chat experience to Skype with voice access as well.

Very similar to what we have seen for Desktops, users may enjoy the new AI-powered ChatGPT on mobile only when they install the Bing app and the new version of Microsoft Edge. However, you will not notice any difference except for the fact, that you are using the same over a mobile device.

ChatGPT Inclusion inside the Skype

A fun fact about using the new AI in Skype is you get to chat with this AI and receive great answers. A screenshot shown below depicts how great this chatbot is –

As per Microsoft, this AI provides a comprehensive and creative source of information, inspiration, and answers to your questions, which is quite a good thing.

Another usage of this Bing ChatGPT in Skype is that you can bring it during an ongoing conversation with your friends, family answers, and others as well. All you have to type @bing in the same conversation, and this chatbot replies back.

Bing AI ChatGPT interacting in Social Chats

Since this AI is fluent in more than 100 languages, it learns the context quite easily and might reply to you with the exact information that you were looking for.

Another interesting thing about this chatbot is that it can provide answers in the same manner as you like. For example, you can ask for answers in a bulleted form, in normal text, or in such a way that a 5-year-old can understand. You can even ask Bing AI for jokes, poems, stories, games, quizzes, and others while remaining in a conversation with your loved ones. Isn’t it that great?

How to go for this Bing AI ChatGPT on a Mobile

If you want to enjoy the capabilities of the new AI-powered Bing ChatGPT over a Mobile device, you have to first enroll for the same. Upon successful enrollment, you will be told how to expedite this waitlisting. Microsoft, in general, promotes two things and they are –

  • Make Microsoft Edge your default browser on your computer
  • Install the Bing app from Google Play Store or App Store

After you follow both these conditions, make sure to log into the same Microsoft account over both Desktop as well as Mobile. Once you get an invitation on your mail id about the usage of this new Bing AI, you may access the new chatbot over both Desktop and Mobile devices, including during a conversation in Skype.

Are there any limitations to using Bing AI ChatGPT?

Yes, the new Bing with ChatGPT only allows six queries per session and you can make up to 60 sessions per day. This restriction is because of the fact numerous people have lined up for this Bing ChatGPT and people are searching over it just for fun.

This is because of the fact that long conversation sessions confuse this Chatbot and it starts answering abruptly. Several users have posted screenshots over Twitter displaying how this chatbot behaves when asked for queries in a repetitive manner. So, in order to avoid unwanting behaviors shown by this Chatbot, Microsoft has restricted it to minimal use.

The unwanted behaviors include providing incorrect answers, arguments over certain queries, and a few other negative aspects. Bing AI is still new, and it will take some time to fully grow.

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